Will GPS Change In 2013?

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For the past two decades Global Positioning Systems have become commonplace in peoples cars, and on many mobile phones. GPS has helped individuals in their personal navigation needs, and has also become fun entertainment with hobbies like geocaching. It is almost hard to imagine a time before GPS. Now with new technology there are emerging trends in the 2013 GPS models that will help people even more as they try to navigate their work days, vacations, or other general travel ventures.

The importance and reliance on GPS is continuously growing by commercial users today. As one quote put it, “It’s how we harness the power of location- not just for road directions, aviation, and seafaring navigation- but for finding the nearest restaurant, gas station, and much more.” Originally GPS was developed for the US military, but it has become so much a part of the everyday lives of people around the world, other countries are beginning to develop their own GPS so they do not have to be reliant on the US.

New international GPS manufacturers include:

■ Galileo- European
■ Glonass- Russian
■ Compass- People’s Republic of China
■ Irnss- India
■ QZSS-Japan

According to a recent interview with a representative from the TomTom GPS company, one of the emerging trends to watch for in GPS is where it is going to be placed. After such smartphone success, you will now start seeing GPS devices in laptop computers, dog collars, radar detectors, video cameras, and even kids’ sneakers. The idea behind all of this is that it is not just about navigation with today’s GPS, but it is about “location based services”. It is a movement toward real time information that is practical and useful to the everyday individual.

It is this new convenience of having GPS everywhere that has companies like Garmin looking for ways to improve the handheld personal navigation devices they sell. As a result of this need to adapt and change Garmin recently came out with four new Oregon touch screen devices. Garmin realized they had the chance to offer features that smartphone and Android GPS users wouldn’t be able to access, or easily access at any time. Some of the features that Garmin could offer include:

■ Numerous maps already in memory so there’s no downloading; maps that may not be accessible to phone users if they’re out of cell tower range.
■ Display size is larger which is especially helpful while driving a vehicle.
■ Longer battery life and better power supply.

Skygeek Aviation GPS has new Garmin technology as well with updated devices like their Garmin Aera 796 Americas Avaiation GPS with XM. A few of its new trendy features include:

■ XM radio capabilities.
■ Touch screen.
■ 3D imagery and weather data.
■ VFR Sectional and geo-referenced IFR Enroute charts are preloaded.

GPS manufacturers are realizing the importance of location services to people and are finding ways to adapt to changing technology as well as the desires of today’s customers. Over the next few years we can expect to see GPS technology being used for safety, practical real time needs, and numerous everyday uses beyond basic navigation.

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