Apple: We’ve Made Fixes to Maps App, More Incoming

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Original Source: Apple: We’ve Made Fixes to Maps App, More Incoming

iOS users are using Maps “significantly” more than they were before iOS 6.

ZoomApple, which recruited former Google Maps employees to fix its own iOS 6 maps app, has stressed that it’s applied fixes to its widely panned maps app, with more set to be released during 2013.

“We’ve made a number of improvements to Maps,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told Wall Street analysts during the firm’s 2012 fourth quarter earnings call. Such changes include improved satellite and flyover imagery, in addition to local information for businesses.

He added that users are utilizing Maps “significantly” more than they were before iOS 6. The latest mobile operating system introduced Apple’s bug-riddled mapping software that subsequently saw the removal of Google’s acclaimed maps app. However, he acknowledged that further improvements can be made: “we’ll keep on working on this,” with the firm planning to “roll out more improvements during the rest of the year.”

Apple’s terrible maps app released to worldwide scrutiny for misplacing landmarks, changing landscapes and misleading travelers. It was also criticized for issues pertaining to its 3D flyover feature, missing or inaccurate locations and low quality satellite imagery.

Cook ultimately issued a public apology, with Google re-releasing its maps app. It soon after became the most popular free iPhone app and was downloaded over 10 million times within 48 hours.




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