Guard Your GPS Coordinates Or Risk Losing Your Favorite Fishing Spot

I found this article extremely interesting. I have never been into fishing myself but know a couple people who are serious fishermen. $3,000 is a lot of money and it shows you just how much time, effort and cash people are willing to invest in what must be a very rewarding hobby.

By: Bradenton Herald

Original Source: Guard Your GPS Coordinates Or Risk Losing Your Favorite Fishing Spot

By JON CHAPMAN — Special to the Herald

There is almost no worse feeling than heading offshore to find someone else sitting on your honey hole, especially when you thought nobody knew about this spot and you have no other spots around it. An old fisherman gave it to you many years ago. It always produced, and you decided to pass it on to a friend, who said he or she was going there once. That friend gave it to a friend and so on.

That was the last time you ever shared a GPS coordinate.

Offshore anglers are always looking for spots. They are a protective group, hiding their secret spots from even their closest friends. Many guides keep their GPS books in code in case they are lost or stolen, perhaps adding 5 to the last digit of each coordinate, or reversing the final 2 numbers. Secrets keep less pressure on spots, meaning they are all for you.

I’ve shared numbers before, and I regret it.

I’ve been on many other boats and respect their wishes to leave the GPS at home when asked. I will only pull it out if I have anyplace nearby we could fish. On many charter boats and head boats, bringing a GPS is an act that might have you swimming home if the captain finds out.

Then there are the public numbers, or ones I’ve seen on a forum or dive site. In my handheld GPS, I have those spots marked with a capital P for public. These sites often have boats, making me even happier to know I have my own locations I’ve found and never seen another boat on.

So whom do you take to your most secret spots?

Better yet, who knows where all of your most secret spots are?

Imagine you’ve spent a lifetime fishing offshore, discovering your own honey holes and maybe acquiring a few from a friend. You’ve got them all compiled, when an angry ex whom you trusted decides to sell them on an internet auction.

That is exactly what happened to the ex-boyfriend of New Zealand’s Angela Potter, who cashed in on her ex’s fishing spots for $3,000 on the website Trade Me.

As Miss Potter cleared out her garage following the sudden departure of her ex, she discovered the angler’s secret fishing coordinates. Displeased with his manner of leaving with her suitcase, she decided revenge was best served.

“When he refused to return my suitcase that’s when I sold his coordinates,” she told the Fairfax NZ News. “I didn’t list them to be vindictive. I listed them as a bit of a laugh.”

“My ex-boyfriend is an avid and very successful fisherman who asked me to protect his collection of GPS fishing spot coordinates. Not a problem,” she wrote on the auction, which got 89,688 views.

After the breakup, Miss Potter dated another fisherman. Did she share the ex’s coordinates with the new man? Nope. She respected the decision of secrecy as listed, only keeping them with the buyer of the auction.

My coordinates will continue to remain in a top secret location, that not even my wife knows. Would I sell them? Let’s just say it would take a lot more than $3,000.