Garmin Announces New Dog Collars, Talks Up ‘Bark Odometer’

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By: Engadget

Original Source:  Garmin Announces New Dog Collars

Garmin’s not content with just a spot on your dashboard — the company’s also hoping to help you out with your pet problems. The GPS-maker’s got a couple of new additions to its line of dog collars, including the BarkLimiter series, which offers up an accelerometer-powered bark identification system and a Bark Odometer to help you keep track of your canine’s woof mileage.

The collar is lightweight and waterproof and promises to increase “stimulation” as barking continues. The collar’ll run you $80 for standard and $100 for the deluxe edition. You can also get the BarkLimiter technology in the company’s Delta series of collars, which let you set a virtual leash up to three-quarters of a mile. That line runs $200 without the bark limiting and $250 with.

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